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mini bags to felt…


mini bags to felt…
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Look, I’ve been knitting. Probably only because it’s a nice diversion from studying. These will be little coin purse sized bags with flaps and snaps. I should be making one per day for the next month for the craft show these will be at in November. One per day probably won’t happen but I can set unrealistic goals if I want to do so.

I shouldn’t be typing this as I should be taking on online test for school. I’ll do that in a minute.

The boyfriend has a friend thinking about taking up crocheting as a hobby. He feels the need to warn her about the yarn. The yarn that takes over your life. He said that he might show her a picture of my yarn closet. If only the yarn closet were the only problem. The real problem is when you combine the yarn closet with the yarn under the bed, the swift under the couch, the knitting books on the shelf and the innumerable work-in-progress bags all over my apartment…I seriously have 7 bags related to knitting sitting in my living room right now. Yes, I have a problem. I really can’t blame him for wanting to warn her about how dangerous it is to start knitting or crocheting.

That’s all. The online test beckons.

UPDATE: Have I mentioned that the class the online test is for is a joke? I just took the test. It was 50 multiple choice questions. The time allotted is 1 1/2 hours. I took it in 25 minutes and got a 100. Ridiculous.

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