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because every cook praises her own broth

mmm…carrot cake and unrelated stuff


Meet my carrot cake and caramel buttercream frosting. I’ll have a recipe up for it soon (maybe tomorrow) but for now, this picture will have to suffice. Enjoy.

These are a couple of felted clutches I finished for that art show I did with Tasha in November. Tasha took some pictures of them at the time but I never posted those. So I took a few pictures of them yesterday when I had the boyfriend’s camera out for the carrot cake photo session. I really like both of them. I should just pick one for my own personal use rather than letting them sit in a basket in my living room. That reminds me, I’m supposed to take a couple to work to show one of the hostesses.

Meet Bento. Bento is a new database software for Macs. It was pretty cheap and it’s pretty cool. We’ve already set it up for recipes as seen above. Eventually I’ll enter everything I cook into it with the recipes. My paper file of recipes is now on its way out the door. I really love that you can include pictures. Not that I needed another excuse to take more pictures of my food. Should this bakery idea ever get off the ground, this program is going to come in handy.

Other things…

Since my dinner at Bonefish last week, I’ve decided to give up fried food. Sauteed or pan fried things are fine but I’m skipping the deep frying. That means that I’ve given up fast food, sodas and fried food since last April. I also eat substantially less meat now. The boyfriend’s food habits are definitely a good thing for me. It’s not like he’s forced me to make any of these changes. They’re all choices I’ve made on my own. They just happen to mimic his habits. I don’t really miss any of the things I’ve given up anyway and I think these changes make me think of more creative things to cook.

I eat leftovers now. I used to eat very few things leftover. Lasagna and chili were okay. Most other things were not. For example, I made Mushroom Pie last night. The old me wouldn’t have made something so closely resembling quiche in the first place let alone eat it reheated the next day. For the record, it was quite good both fresh out of the oven and leftover.

I also like salmon now. Some of my family members will recall the lengths I went to in protest of salmon a few years ago. I’ve come to realize that it’s only the farm-raised smelly salmon I’m opposed to…the wild variety is delicious. We ate it once last week and I actually requested it again just a few days later. We ate rockfish for dinner that night instead…which was just as delicious.

I’m nearly done reading “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” by Barbara Kingsolver. First, I think that reading this book is going to make me think a little more about what things I choose to eat. Second, there are at least a half dozen passages in the book that could have been taken straight out of my childhood. Needless to say, I’ve recommended this book to my mother.

I tried stalking the boyfriend’s undeveloped lot yesterday without success. I couldn’t get all the way down the street to inspect the site as there were dump trucks at another lot and they were mostly blocking my path. Stalking progress (or lack thereof) on the lot will probably only get worse as the months pass and the house is built.

I should go. I need to go vote in the primaries this afternoon before I head off to work.


  1. Re thinking about what you choose to eat: BBC 3 is running a series called “Kill It, Cook It, Eat It” to make people do just that. I’m afraid to watch.

    I should eat less meat and more carrot cake.

  2. Did you smoke a huge rock?

  3. Giggle, giggle. That story will never get old.

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