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Time to play catch up…


wheat dinner rolls

I’ve intended to post for the last several days. Clearly I got sidetracked somewhere along the line…

Pictured above are some wheat dinner rolls I made last week. They’re an adaptation of Baking Illustrated‘s Parker House Rolls recipe. I’ll get the recipe for these on this site soon. I think I’m going to spend a bit of time tonight catching up on recipe stuff both in the database program and on this site.

Anyway, these turned out fantastic. While making these, I did something I’ve never done before but will be doing again. I marked up my cookbook with pencil. I made a couple of changes to the ingredients and realized that writing in my cookbook was the easiest way to write down my alterations. I felt a little guilty doing it.

Now to catch up on some of my other cooking…

Cherry Almond Tart

This is one of the cherry almond tarts I made last week. I soaked the cherries in amaretto and baked them in an almond shortbread crust with more of the crust crumbled on top.

Campton Place Coffee Cake

Campton Place Coffee Cake from Desserts by the Yard…the first coffee cake I’ve ever made that I was genuinely happy with in the end. I’ll post this recipe soon as well. I keep saying that, huh?

Carrot Cupcakes

These are vegan carrot cupcakes with orange buttercream frosting. These are also my first for-profit baked goods. A coworker asked me if I could bake a batch of cupcakes for his newly-vegan ex-girlfriend. So I did…and I made myself a batch as well. I wanted to make caramel buttercream frosting but vegan caramel sauce isn’t so easy to make…I tried and failed and opted for the orange buttercream.

S'mores Tart

This is my S’mores Tart. I came up with this one on my own after toasting marshmallow around the campfire last month. It has a very buttery graham cracker crust, a chocolate chess pie filling and is topped with a marshmallow fluff meringue that I hand torched. Rich and decadent. The boyfriend got a little testy because I gave 3 pieces of it away…recipe forthcoming.

Other than the cooking, life is pretty boring. Work is good. We’re busy…which means I make money. That’s always good.

The boyfriend and I went to Charlottesville to visit friends (the boyfriend’s friends from high school and one of their boyfriends) last weekend. We spent the afternoon at a wine festival in the country outside of Charlottesville. None of us consumed too much wine so there aren’t any fun stories to tell…

…but here are some of us laughing at a very drunk woman after she decided to ride on the children’s wagon thing that circled the festival.

So that I’m not leaving anyone out of my blog entry, here’s a picture of Krista and I…Krista took all the other pictures at the festival so this is the only one she’s actually in…

At the festival, I learned that I kind of like some Virginia chardonnays…as long as they’re void of any oaky taste. This surprised me as I really don’t like chardonnays in general. They’re my least favorite white by a long shot. My hatred for Virginia red wine was reiterated by numerous tastings of yucky cabernet francs. I bought no wine but I did get some fantastic bacon and garlic cheese at the festival…that I forgot was in the fridge until just this second. I chose the bacon and garlic flavor over the other excellent choices because it was the one the boyfriend was least likely to devour in a day or two.

The rest of the trip to Charlottesville was good…I got to play on a Wii for the first time. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would and was pretty decent at it right away. This kind of shocked me. If I were to buy a gaming system (which I wouldn’t), I’d want a Wii. We also walked around UVA for a while…which I’d never really done before…and after the walk, I don’t really understand why people want to live in the rooms on the Lawn. They’re kind of dumpy…but I guess people live there for the honor of doing so…not for the walk to the bathrooms. Other than that, we did a fair amount of playing games and sitting in bars…fun and lazy!

Let’s see…other things to talk about?

The boyfriend’s house is still in slow progress. They didn’t do much in the last couple of weeks but apparently started the framing yesterday.

I’m pretty excited about my Flickr stats…I’ve had 50,000 individual views to my photos. I get excited about the little things, huh?


  1. Yum. If you remember, what coffee cake recipes did you try and why didn’t you like them?

    Did I ever tell you about the spray-painted grass at UVA? As in painted green?

  2. @ Alison: I’ve not a clue what my previous coffee cake attempts were. I know one of them was from Cook’s Ilustrated and it did use sour cream…and it was just okay.

    Nope, you never told me about the spray-painted grass at UVA…that’s just stupid. Their lawn was pretty crappy right now…it could have used a little spray paint. :)

  3. I think this was during high school. I was at UVA right before Pres. Clinton was to come visit. They were repainting the columns along the Lawn and painted Beta Bridge so it would be all white (wonder if it lasted through his visit), but painting the grass was extreme. It was obviously a major contributing factor in my decision not to go there. 😀

  4. I made that Campton Place Coffee Cake a while back too — although I modified it a lot to resemble a cake I remembered from my college years. It’s sooooo good! Those rolls look great too — I’ll have to give them a try!

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