The Boastful Baker

because every cook praises her own broth

The little finger has healed and I can type again.


But I haven’t…

Instead I’m making and eating itty bitty little cakes. Cakes that fit in the palm of a hand. Cakes that can be eaten in just a few bites. Cakes that make you feel like a giant. I’ll post some pictures on Flickr tomorrow when the boyfriend is at work and I can use hog our bandwidth.

In addition to that, I’ve been preoccupied with preliminary cleaning and packing for the move. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of things I don’t need and I plan to get rid of a bunch more…I’ve dropped things off at every thrift store in town.

I’m actually down to just one computer now instead of the three I had just a few days ago. I sold my Windows desktop to one of the restaurants for $100 and I gave my Windows notebook to my mom. I’m down to just my MacBook and couldn’t be happier about that.

I’ve got baked goods to blog about…but not tonight. Tonight I’ve got a pile of magazines to go through and recycle and a trifle to assemble.

Oh, I almost forgot. I have a new email address linked to this site…it’s melissa at melissamckelveydotcom

Pretty hard to remember, huh?

More soon.

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