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Cake good enough to eat for breakfast.


Apple Spice Cake

I’m a little light on photo and blog content lately. This is because I’m in the midst of a self-imposed baking hiatus. Summer is approaching and I must admit that I indulged in a few too many treats during the long, cold and miserable months of winter. So I’m attempting to undo a little of the damage from all of the cakes, cookies and rolls. Don’t worry too much. The baking hiatus is temporary. It won’t turn into a long sabbatical. I won’t retire. I like baking too much.

On to the cake…

Apple Spice Cake

I’m not a big fan of spice cake. Or at least I wasn’t until I was introduced to this cake last fall. The boyfriend’s boss made it for his birthday. Whenever there’s a birthday in his office, someone is in charge of bringing cake (or dessert). Quite often the baking job has fallen on me….despite the fact that I don’t work there.

When the boyfriend’s birthday rolled around last year, his boss was responsible for the cake. Apparently she felt that it had to be great since he gets my desserts at home all the time and she knows how tasty some of them have been. Needless to say she did a great job choosing the cake and baking it!

He brought the leftovers home and I pretty much gorged myself on it for the next couple of days. I even ate this cake for breakfast. Not that there’s anything wrong with eating cake for breakfast. Especially when the cake has nutritious ingredients like apples and walnuts.

The recipe for the cake can be found on the Food Network website. It’s a Gale Gand recipe called Stella’s Stellar Apple Spice Cake. Stellar isn’t nearly a generous enough word for this cake.

It’s an apple spice cake with lots of walnuts and golden raisins. I don’t really like most spice cakes but this one I love. I also don’t adore raisins…but the golden raisins more than okay in this cake. The apple pieces are relatively large and give the cake a nice texture.

The cake itself is kind of like a spice cake brownie. It has a crunchy top and a soft interior like a good brownie should. But no chocolate. That would be weird.

The recipe calls for a glaze over the cake. The boyfriend’s boss didn’t make the glaze and neither did I . The cake doesn’t need it. Other than skipping the glaze, I didn’t make any changes to the recipe.

Just in case you didn’t click one of the other links, the recipe is here.

Apple Spice Cake


  1. Well, I do love a good spice cake and I also love breakfast cake, so this is being bookmarked!

  2. CAKE…FOR BREAKFAST!!! You got my attention! :o) I love spice cake, this recipe sounds very tasty!

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  4. Cake good enough to eat for breakfast – you had me at hello!

  5. I thought it was chocolate at first! I’m not a huge fan of spice cake, either, but I trust your judgment. Gotta try it. (Plus my dad would LOVE this.)

  6. Oh I love anything with apples and spice, this looks terrific.

  7. There is absolutely nothing wrong with cake for breakfast!!!

  8. mmm, this sounds delicious, must try soon!

  9. Mmm that looks so moist and delicious! I bet it was great for breakfast! At least you can pretend you were eating healthy because of the apples… ;P

  10. Oh my. I think I must try.

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