The Boastful Baker

because every cook praises her own broth

Martha Stewart scolded me for not toasting my buns.


191.365 : Gobble, gobble.

Like a child, I still get excited about the little things in life. Little things like one of my pictures being used in a segment on The Martha Stewart Show! Yes, The Martha Stewart Show!

They did a segment on Flickr earlier this week and showed a few pictures from a Martha Stewart group on Flickr. When my photo of turkey burgers was shown on the show, Martha made a comment about how I didn’t toasted my burger buns…which made the audience laugh. I’m perfectly content to have been scolded for not toasting my buns.

If you’re interested in seeing the clip, it’s available here. My photo’s 10 seconds of fame is at 5:23.


  1. Oh, how funny to be called out by Martha! Does the original recipe specifically call for toasted buns?

  2. I just checked and the original recipe really does call for toasted buns. Shame on me, I suppose.

  3. Congratulations on being recognized! It makes for a great story!

  4. That’s awesome!

    (And we never toast our buns. I like ’em soft. Heh.)

  5. that was funny. I loved it. congratulations.

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