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because every cook praises her own broth

No, I will not be making my own cake.


My boyfriend is no longer just my boyfriend!

Rather than writing about food as I should be, I’m going to talk about getting engaged!

Before I bore you to death with the details, know that I’m mostly writing this entry for posterity. I don’t actually think everyone reading my blog really  cares about me getting married. You’re all here for the food!

On Good Friday, I got out of work early and we headed across the state to spend Easter weekend with the boyfriend’s fiance’s family. We’d looked at the weather days earlier and since it was going to be warm and beautiful, Joel suggested that we take a little afternoon detour into Shenandoah National Park/Skyline Drive. Nothing about this suggestion was at all suspicious as it was something we might have done anyway. Little did I know what was up his sleeve…

We approached several scenic overlooks but didn’t actually stop at any of them for whatever reason. This seemed a little odd to me but I figured we were looking for a good spot to take a few pictures of the view. Again, nothing suspicious. We finally pulled over at the Sawmill Ridge Overlook. We got the camera bag out of the trunk and I pulled out the camera to take a few pictures. Joel wandered off and took the camera bag with him despite my offer to hold onto it or put it back in the trunk.

View from the proposal

He wandered back, we took a few pictures and sat down on the stone ledge to admire the view. After talking for a few minutes, Joel all of a sudden said, “I’ve got something to ask you.” He reached into the camera bag and pulled out a little black box. I, being the weepy wuss that I am, immediately started tearing up and then he pulled a note out of his pocket. Written by his grandmother many years ago (just before Joel’s mother passed away), the note read that Joel’s mom wanted her engagement ring saved for him to use if he chose to do so. My ring has 3 diamonds, one of the smaller ones is from his mother’s engagement ring. At this point, I said, “Yes!” and then realized that he hadn’t actually said, “Will you marry me?” yet. At which point he asked and I said, “Yes!” for real.

I guess this is our overlook now.

This is where I admit that I’ve never really cared about weddings or engagements very much. When other people got engaged and eventually married, I was happy for them but never super, hyper excited about it. I was kind of apathetic about having an actual wedding myself and always kind of thought I’d just run off somewhere and get hitched. The ring and the actual proposal changed my mind. I want a real wedding and I’m ecstatic about being engaged. We’re also both really amazed at how excited other people seem to be about our engagement. The outpouring of happiness from everyone we know makes the whole thing a little more awesome. Being told that the news of our engagement made someone else’s day is pretty cool. So, after all these years of not quite understanding why weddings are such a big deal, I finally get it.

There aren’t many details to share about the actual wedding yet. We haven’t finalized a date, a venue or even the wedding party. About all we do know is that I won’t be making my own wedding cake!

P.S. I promise to try my best not to turn this into a wedding blog.


  1. Avid reader for the recipes, but can’t help but say congratulations! What a beautiful ring and proposal. Best wishes.

  2. I love engagement stories. Congratulations! Happy wedding planning!

  3. Congratulations, Melissa! Thank you for sharing your wonderful story. Your ring is beautiful! I hope you enjoy the planning process.

  4. Melissa,

    I just found your blog (as you well know!). But as a happily married gal who never THOUGHT she’d get married I have to tell you – marriage is good.

    Now on it’s own – no. It’s who you marry. And if who you marry is your best friend who knows all your quirks and you know his, and sure there’s maybe a couple dozen more you might discover or develop along the way but you still make each other giddy and happy? You have won the jackpot.

    There will always be surprises – boys are different. Girls are different. But folks are happy because marriage, if you marry the right person at the right time, is a miracle you can have.

    And who wouldn’t want to celebrate that?

  5. okay… so i AM one of those girls that gets super, hyper excited when other people get engaged/married! soooo… YEAH FOR YOU!!! just catching up on my blog reading, and read your good news. don’t even know you, but waaaay excited for the months ahead. remember, that no matter what happens, at the end of the your wedding day, you’ll be married. may you know many blessings!

  6. Congratulations!

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