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because every cook praises her own broth

Not all of my cakes are sweet.


365.2.139 : Sometimes savory cakes are just as good as sweet cakes.

Occasionally when I know I don’t have to cook for anyone but myself, I make vegetable fritters. They’re fast to prepare and the recipe can be easily halved for just one person. Stir together the batter, fry just a few, top with sour cream and you’re done.

Potato latkes (or potato pancakes) are the fritter-type food I usually make but every now and again, I’ll whip up a batch of zucchini fritters. As of last month, I’ve officially added corn cakes to the repertoire.

I’ve had corn cakes like this in restaurants for years but never thought to make them myself until I came across some absolutely tantalizing photos of them at Quite Curious, a new to me blog about food, design and photography.

I saw their Farmhouse Corn Cakes post and I swear to you, I was eating the corn cakes 20 minutes later. I did happen to be at home, it did happen to be near dinner time and I didn’t have to cook dinner for J. that night. [Side note: J. is what I’m referring to Joel as on the web these days. It’s better than “the fiance” or “the future husband” and I don’t have to change it again after we get married.]

The next time you’re at home alone and want something fast and hot, these corn cakes would be a great choice.

As I made these pretty darn close to the same way as Quite Curious did, I’m not going to repost the recipe here. Instead you can find it at Quite Curious. I will admit that I did not use fresh corn…my frozen corn from Trader Joe’s was quite good even if it wasn’t fresh! Also, just in case you’re wondering: the recipe says to use your favorite cheese – in this case, my favorite cheese is extra sharp white cheddar.

Corn cake


  1. as much as i hate to admit i appreciate a facebook innovation, i wish all websites (including your wonderful blog) had a like button. That way I could acknowledge I read and enjoyed the post without having to come up with something useful to say, you know besides the obvious damn these look good; I want some. now. greetings from new england.

  2. Thanks for writing about my blog! Your pictures are great, and your baked goods look amazing. I’ll have to try some out.

    I’m working on a new food blog right now, it will be up in a week or so. (It’s bigger! With more room for tasty pictures!)

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