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Greens from the garden.


Greens from the garden

Garden Greens

I’m a bit excited about my garden this year and I feel the need to gush about it for a few minutes!

This will be the third summer I’ve had a vegetable garden and I’d like to think this will be the best year yet. Each year I learn a little more about what not to do and each year I’m willing to give the garden a little more time and money. I was organized enough to plant the garden early this year and hope that will reward me with more fantastic fresh food than the last 2 years.

This lettuce is the very first thing I’ve picked from the garden in 2011. If all goes well, we should be able to pick lots more of it as spring rolls on. Before too terribly long I should have radishes, green beans and cucumbers (and maybe some carrots). Followed (hopefully) by a variety of heirloom tomatoes, squashes and peppers. If everything produces as it should, I’ll have lots of veggies to can and pickle in a few months! (Remind me to tell you about last summer’s canning obsession sometime.)

And then there’s the herb garden. I used to keep all of the herbs in planters on the deck but watering them constantly was torturous so last summer the herb garden moved to a nice sunny spot on the side of our house where the rosemary, thyme, sage, oregano and mint from last year are thriving. The parsley and basil I’ve added this spring look like they’re doing okay, too.

Related side note: I love my Oxo salad spinner. If you don’t own one and you eat lettuce, go buy one at your earliest convenience.

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