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Green with (garden) envy.


The French Laundry (just looking, didn't eat there!)

The French Laundry

Just because I didn’t eat a meal at The French Laundry doesn’t mean that I didn’t want to see it up close. So we walked down the streets of Yountville, CA,  and took a peek.

The outside of the restaurant wasn’t overly imposing and didn’t really stand out too much on the street. What did stand out was The French Laundry garden, located literally across the street. The whole plot of land was probably not much more than 2 acres but it looked huge and was full of every imaginable edible plant (and probably some you didn’t imagine). Did any of you even know that they had their own ginormous garden?

The entire garden was impeccably manicured and each type of plant was beautifully labeled. As a woman with a small vegetable garden, this garden made me literally green with envy. I know that it’s a garden for several restaurants, but I would still love to have that much land to work with and the ability to grow a wider variety of vegetables and herbs than I can now (and while I’m at it, I’ll take the gardening staff for the land, t00).

I’ll let the garden speak for itself in the images below. And if you’re ever in the Napa Valley and driving through Yountville, you should take a look at the garden in real life!

The French Laundry garden

Huge tracts of land. (Okay, not really. Just wanted to throw in a Monty Python line.)

The French Laundry garden

So many rows of future gourmet food.

The French Laundry garden

So well kept.

The French Laundry garden

Huge greenhouse

The French Laundry garden

Even the signs make me jealous.

The French Laundry garden

Just a space this large would make me happy.

The French Laundry garden


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