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The cake made me cry.



Our wedding cake!

It seems silly to write posts about my wedding five months after the fact, but I still have so many details to share. My wedding cake is one of the most important of these details. Look at it! Wouldn’t you want to brag about it if it were your wedding cake?

When we got engaged and started making wedding plans, the cake was one of the first things we discussed. Since I’m not insane, I chose not to make my own cake. And if I wasn’t going to make my own wedding cake, there was only one option for us: Charlie Little of Cakes by Charlie. Both Joel and I had the pleasure of working with Charlie before he started baking wedding cakes full time and the man’s desserts are incredible. They’re both pretty to look at and absurdly delicious. His baking talent is beyond words.

Once our wedding date was chosen, Charlie was immediately contacted as we didn’t want to miss out on his cake for our wedding. Plus we wanted him to be a guest at the wedding, so we didn’t want him to book two cakes on our wedding day or anything crazy like that.

As the wedding drew closer, we decided on the style we wanted from his vast album of cakes (and we chose our cake flavors as well). Our choice was relatively simple – just a tiered cake decorated with a single budding forsythia branch to match the yellow and green theme of our wedding.

Charlie was confident forsythia would still be blooming on our wedding day. Mother Nature apparently had some other thoughts about this and a huge storm a week or so before the wedding destroyed what was left of the blooming forsythia in our area.

So Charlie improvised. He called us to inform us about the dearth of forsythia and we calmly told him that whatever he needed or wanted to do for the cake was fine with us. We knew it would taste good and we knew that the man is practically a magician in the kitchen, so anything he came up with would be wonderful.

Little did we know how wonderful it would be. Since there was no blooming forsythia around, Charlie made some himself out of gum paste and a naked branch. But he didn’t stop there. Since he knew daffodils were our flowers, he made some of those as well. Along with an assortment of other spring blooms including dogwoods.

Before the ceremony, the bridal party hid out in the building where the reception was held. When I arrived, Charlie and the cake were there and the cake literally made me cry (see me in one of the photos below – you can tell that I’ve been crying). It was that breathtakingly beautiful.

I knew the cake would look and taste good, but the finished product completely and totally exceeded all of my expectations. I truly think my wedding cake is one of the loveliest cakes I’ve ever seen.

If you happen to live anywhere near Williamsburg, VA, and need a wedding cake, you should contact Charlie. Just make sure to call him way in advance as he’s in high demand around here.

Our cake!

Wedding cake!

Admiring my cake with Charlie and Tasha

Admiring my cake with my sister Tasha and Charlie

Wedding cake!

Every single bloom and blossom was made by hand!

The cake

Most fantastic cake ever.

Handmade flowers!

Intricate handmade flowers.

The wedding cake

Made by Charlie Little of Cakes by Charlie.


Could I have had a prettier cake? I think not!

This required great concentration.

Cutting the cake required great concentration.

Just in case you’re wondering, the cake flavors were: chocolate with mocha buttercream, carrot cake with caramel buttercream and coconut pecan cake with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream.

These photos are all mixed up and I don’t remember which ones were taken by our photographer and which ones were taken by my family. So, the photos are by Stephen Salpukas, Tasha McKelvey and Donald McKelvey. But now that I think about it, it’s possible that I took one or two of them as well as I think I borrowed my dad’s camera for a few cake shots before the ceremony. The food photographer in me couldn’t resist…not even on my wedding day.


  1. that is seriously the loveliest wedding cake I have ever seen. Wow. it sounds like it tasted amazing too!

  2. WOW. I’m so speechless (good thing I’m typing). I’m only 21 and boyfriend-less but I’m already getting ideas of what I want my wedding cake to look like. Well done to Charlie, the details are stunning. It’s really a work of art.

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