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because every cook praises her own broth

I loved Tartine.


Tartine Bakery sign

Tartine Bakery Window

While looking at the admin page for my website just now, I noticed a few blog posts about my honeymoon that I started months and months ago and never posted. These posts were all intended to be photo heavy, so I think I’m going to go ahead and post them anyway. Please ignore the fact that my honeymoon was more than 9 months ago.

A Twitter friend told me that I had to go to Tartine Bakery when we were in San Francisco. So, on our last full day in town, we made a special trip there for lunch. It was well worth the confusing subway ride there and I can’t wait to eat there again the next time I find myself in San Francisco. I liked Tartine enough that I’ve since bought both of their cookbooks in the hopes of recreating something vaguely resembling their baked goods at home.

Anyway, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves here. The light in the window where we ate lunch was pretty fabulous, so I got some great pictures.

Tartine cookies

A bakery case full of deliciousness.

Croque Monsieur at Tartine

Croque Monsieur

Turkey sandwich at Tartine

Turkey Sandwich

Peppered turkey and broccoli rabe sandwich at Tartine

Peppered turkey and broccoli rabe sandwich

Frangipane croissant

Frangipane croissant

Mexican wedding cookie at Tartine

Mexican wedding cookie

Tartine croissant

Tartine croissant

Frangipane croissant at Tartine

Frangipane croissant


  1. Tartine is the BEST! It sounds like you got to try out a few of my favorites in the bay area, but next time you’re out here you must check out Miette It’s the most darling bakery/candy shop, and everything is actually as delicious as it looks. I hope you enjoyed your trip!

  2. After living in France for a year I’ll be happy to have Tartine nearby so that I can get my fix when I need to. Plus I’m excited to see how their croissant stack up to the masterpieces here. Tartine really is fabulous! A wonderful blend of traditional french and american dessert/bistro food.

  3. my friend is a pastry chef there so she is the reason i visited tartine the first time during a trip to san francisco…the wonderful food is why i return every time i am in town.

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