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The mocha of my dreams.


Blue Bottle Coffee sign

Blue Bottle Coffee

This is another one of those honeymoon posts I started last year and never got around to posting. Since my first wedding anniversary is very rapidly approaching and my husband and I are taking an anniversary vacation next month, it’s time to get these posts out of the queue.

I love coffee. Scratch that. I love espresso. I don’t actually drink regular coffee. Ever. And when I drink espresso, it’s almost always in an iced latte form. I don’t usually like hot drinks.

But when we were in San Francisco last spring and strolled through the Ferry Building Marketplace in search of morning caffeine, I was drawn to a mocha from Blue Bottle Coffee. I wanted to try their coffee as it was very well regarded. And we had just been on a tour at the Tcho chocolate factory, where they told us about their drinking chocolate and mentioned that it was used by Blue Bottle Coffee.

Mocha from Blue Bottle Coffee

Mocha from Blue Bottle Coffee

So, I ordered a mocha. And it was the best warm coffee drink I’ve ever had. Full of dark chocolate flavor without being cloyingly sweet, it was amazing. I hope to make it back to San Francisco someday and when I do, I’ll definitely need another one of these mochas. If you ever find yourself wandering around the Ferry Building in need of a warm drink or a pick me up, go order one of these!

This winter, I’ve found myself ordering mochas when we’re out of town and I’m in need of coffee, but they all pale in comparison to this one. I could order some Tcho drinking chocolate and a pound of Blue Bottle espresso beans and try to recreate it at home, but I doubt it would taste as wonderful as this one did.

Mocha from Blue Bottle Coffee


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