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Lunch for just a dollar.


Fried green tomatoes

Fried green tomatoes and remoulade sauce

I don’t fry very many foods at home due to the mess of frying on the stove, the oil disposal and the general unhealthiness of fried food.  Despite this, once or twice a summer I am compelled to make a batch of fried green tomatoes. A couple of weeks ago, I found some green tomatoes at the Charlottesville City Market and had to buy a few for this summer’s first fried green tomatoes. I chose three small green tomatoes and happily paid a mere $1 for them.

A couple of days later, I sliced and salted the tomatoes, dredged them in flour, egg and cornmeal and fried them in a pan of bubbling oil. Paired with a bit of homemade remoulade sauce, they were the best work day lunch I’ve had in a long time and they cost only a dollar!

The recipes I use for both the fried green tomatoes and the remoulade sauce are from Simply Recipes. The recipe has a number of steps, but it was quick enough that I was able to make it during my lunch break on a work day. And in case you were wondering, I don’t usually cook lunch from scratch on a work day, this was a rare deviation from leftovers or sandwiches.

If you’ve never tried fried green tomatoes, you’re missing out. Even if you don’t like tomatoes, you may like these (I speak from experience as I used to hate regular tomatoes). If you end up with a little extra remoulade sauce, it’s great as a spicy spread for sandwiches (or you could just make another batch of fried green tomatoes).

Green tomatoes

Sliced and salted green tomatoes

3 steps for breading fried green tomatoes

Flour, eggs and cornmeal for breading the tomatoes

Fried green tomatoes ingredients

Ready to bread

Fried green tomatoes

Bubbling in the frying pan

Fried green tomatoes

Ready to eat fried green tomatoes

Fried green tomatoes


Fried green tomatoes

Serve with remoulade sauce

Fried green tomatoes

Best lunch for a buck I’ve had in a while


  1. Never had fried green tomatoes. Thanks for including the recipe. The tomatoes here are just starting to turn, so I could still get some green ones. :) Your cooking always looks so good (and based on previous experiences tastes amazing – I was just telling someone about your cooking the other day).

  2. Ooo these look delicious! I have a ton of green tomatoes in my garden right now and thought about attempting this. Now that I have some instruction, I guess I’ll have to! :)

  3. These look delicious! I’ve got some green tomatoes that probably won’t ripen on the vine before frost, so I’ve bookmarked this so I can make this. Lovely photos-thanks!

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