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Enchanted by apples (and by Charlottesville).


It’s been nearly a year since we decided to move to Charlottesville and I can safely say that I’m very pleased with our decision. Every single thing that I thought I would love about this town is true. With each week that passes I become a little more enchanted by the area in and around Charlottesville. The town has a lot of character,  there are great restaurants everywhere, the nearby mountains are gorgeous and I love our new home. The traffic is nearly the only thing I don’t like about this place!

The arrival of fall has made me even happier about our move. September brought cooler temperatures and less humidity than Williamsburg (our old town) usually had. The weather in the last month, with the exception of occasional rain, has been downright glorious.

And the arrival of fall also signaled the arrival of apple season in Charlottesville.  I’ve already made two trips to a very nearby orchard with a lovely view of the city and the mountains. I don’t know that I’d ever been to an apple orchard before, but I’m kind of in love with them right now. This one, Carter Mountain Orchard, is only about a 15 minute drive from our home in downtown Charlottesville and the view from the orchard is out of this world. Picking apples on a nice autumn day is definitely happy making, especially when you treat yourself to an apple cider doughnut or two while you’re there!

My second trip to the orchard took place on a beautiful weekday, so I brought along the camera to snap some pictures.

Because this is a food blog, you’re probably wondering what I did with the apples I picked at the orchard. I made a couple of apple walnut spice cakes, an apple pie and 19 pints of canned applesauce. I’m heading back to the orchard again this weekend as I’ve agreed to make a couple of apple pies for other people next week.

Apple signage

Getting close to the apples!

Lots of apples on this tree

Looking up at the apples and the sky

In the orchard

In the orchard

Jonagold apple

Jonagold apple on the tree



Apple trees with a view

Apple tree with a view


So many apples

Ladder to the sky

Ladder to the sky?

Apple cider doughnut

A trip to an apple orchard isn’t complete without an apple cider doughnut!

The apple barn

The Apple Barn

Bad apples.

Bad apples.

Apple barn

More of the Apple Barn

View from Carter Mountain, with bird

View from Carter Mountain, with bonus bird!

Charlottesville in the distance

Charlottesville, as viewed from Carter Mountain


  1. I mentioned cider doughnuts on FB last weekend and learned a lot of people had NO idea about them. Yum!

    • I have to admit that I didn’t really know about them until sometime in the last year. And I hadn’t tried them for myself until the first orchard trip. Now that I know about them, I’m going to need an orchard field trip every year for eternity.

  2. Those look so amazing! My co-workers and I have been on a donut kick lately 😉 uh ohhhh!

    P.S. Are you able to come to the Virginia Bloggers meet up on Saturday?? It would be so fun to meet you in person!

    • These doughnuts were pretty awesome. I keep plotting more trips up the mountain for apples and doughnuts.

      Sadly I’m not going to make it to the meetup on Saturday as I’ll have some family in town. But I’ll try to make it to one soon!

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