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because every cook praises her own broth

Dinner is cancelled.

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I planned to make a batch of carbonara for dinner tonight, but we accidentally devoured half a loaf of this bread the instant it came out of the oven. There’s not really a need for dinner after you eat half a loaf of bread.

As I always ask myself when I’m eating freshly baked bread, why don’t I bake bread more often? It doesn’t take much hands-on time and it’s so, so delicious.

This particular bread is one that I’ve made many times before. The base recipe for Classic White Bread was published in Martha Stewart Living a number of years ago, but this version of it contains a mix of all-purpose and whole wheat flour as well as oatmeal. If you take a look at the linked recipe for two loaves of bread, you’ll see that it calls for seven cups of all-purpose flour, I use one cup of whole wheat flour, one cup of oatmeal and five cups of all-purpose flour. Other than that, I follow the recipe to the letter.

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  1. Hahaha! Well I’ve certainly done that! Great blog!

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