The Boastful Baker

because every cook praises her own broth

July 28, 2011
by Melissa

Added to the roster.

I like pasta. Not as much as some people but I do like it. Yet I rarely make pasta at home as I’m usually not satisfied with the finished dish. Sometimes the sauce isn’t right or the pasta is overcooked. … Continue reading

July 15, 2011
by Melissa

Chicken. On a Stick!

I recently (if approaching 2 months ago can still be considered recent) received a review copy of On a Stick!, by well-known food photographer and blogger Matt Armendariz. First of all, I was super excited about getting a review copy … Continue reading

February 15, 2011
by Melissa
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A soup that will give you warm fuzzies.

Unlike many people I know, a bowl of Campbell’s tomato soup does not conjure happy childhood memories for me. It doesn’t give me warm fuzzies as I never liked tomato soup as a kid. I was much more a chicken … Continue reading