The Boastful Baker

because every cook praises her own broth

March 2, 2013
by Melissa

Selfless baking (and a banana cake recipe)

I like to share the things I bake with others (by and large, “others” refers to my husband), but I must admit that when I choose what to bake, I almost always choose things that I like. It’s kind of … Continue reading

September 20, 2009
by Melissa

Cutting in line.

I love flipping through magazines in search of recipes. Over the years I’ve become pretty selective about which ones I actually clip and file for later. Despite my selectivity, the vast majority of the recipes I clip are never made. … Continue reading

January 24, 2009
by Melissa

If I had less self-control, I'd eat this frosting by the vat.

One of my friends wanted to come over to our house for a visit. But she had ulterior motives and she was up front about them. She wanted cupcakes. Who am I not to indulge a request for cupcakes? Especially … Continue reading